Blockchain, which is best known as the foundation of Bitcoin, is a technology that functions as a public, distributed, unchangeable ledger. Blockchain stores information in bundles of records, called blocks, stored across multiple computers. The result is a tamper-resistant record of data or transactions. In higher education, the technology could be used to underpin a new form of transcript, one that provides a more complete picture of a student’s achievements and goals. The technology invokes broad questions about which entities and users would have the authority to contribute to and view records held in an educational blockchain application. Explore this resource site—a collection of EDUCAUSE resources related to Blockchain.

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  • The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education

    The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education

    The blockchain provides a rich, secure, and transparent platform on which to create a global network for higher learning. This Internet of value can help to reinvent higher education in a way the Internet of information alone could not.

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