Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Information Technology


Stratgic planning can enable an institution to take advantage of new and different opportunities in the future while minimizing the negative impact of unexpected challenges along the way. In this time of rapid technological change, strategic planning can also provide great opportunities in the use of information technology to support the mission and goals of colleges and universities. The planning effort must, however, be conducted within the framework of the institutional planning process and must consider the institutional culture, history and resources.The purpose of this paper is to present a detailed framework for the implementation of a strategic planning and budgeting process for information technology that ensures policy level attention to the resources required to achieve strategic objectives. This approach involves close work with the appropriate institutional policy committee supported by staff work from the information technology unit. It is important to note that while outside assistance can bring a broad perspective and knowledgable opinions to the process, and an outsider can serve as a catalyst to keep the process moving, the strategic planning process must be "owned" by the institution.

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