Multi-faceted Planning in "REAL" IT


Developing and communicating visionary and practical strategies for information technology efforts is at once inspiring and onerous. In our too-REAL world, the dynamic impacts of rapid technology movement, exponentially growing client expectations, increasing demand on resources, and sheer momentum of change seem to defy the usual concepts involved in planning. Yet we must find ways to chart our courses, meet the ongoing needs of our institutions, lead in overall IT directions, and articulate these efforts.This paper presents a multi-faceted set of planning ideas, philosophies, and implementations. The ADP Center at Iowa State University uses these to help serve clients in a continuing quality manner. The paper includes an overview of planning objectives, strategic directions, goals for the year 2000, client expectations, organization methods, and implementation priorities. The on-going plans focus on mission-critical information systems and client service support. Administrative tools are presented to show the practicality of this Multi-faceted Planning in "REAL IT'" at ISU.

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