From Apathetic to Energetic: How Our Student-Run Computer Lab Became Customer-Service Focused


Because of an ineffective management structure, the students who worked in the Bentley College Computer Lab felt a lack of direction and were often bored, apathetic, and rude to clients as well as to each other. With new direction, the College has seen a significant shift from an apathetic to an energetic student staff. They have realized that infusing a customer service attitude takes more than offering students a crash course in how to be polite to clients. While such courses are worthwhile, good customer service is easier to provide when the staff feels valued, when they feel like they are part of a team, when they are trained to be technically competent and resourceful, and when they feel supported. The turnaround in the student staff has occurred because the College changed the management structure, strengthened selection standards for hiring students, developed comprehensive training programs, and provided a structure of support for students.

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