Web 101 for Dummies: Or Everything You Wanted to Know About the Web But Were Afraid to Ask!


WEB 101 For Dummies (or almost everything you wanted to know about the Web but were afraid to ask) is an overview of the World Wide Web. This paper is presented in layman's terms and is geared towards anyone who is interested in understanding how the Web began, how it works and how it evolved. If you are thinking about moving into Web development or if you use the Web in your daily routine and want to have a better understanding of it, this presentation is meant for you. The paper contains the following sections: 1) Introduction, 2) How It Began, 3) How It Works , 4) Web - The First Generation - What Made It Work, 5) Web - The Next Generation, 6) Final Thoughts, 7) Acronyms - a list of commonly used acronyms and an explanation of what they mean, 8) Definitions - a list of commonly used Web terms and an explanation of what they mean, and 9) Information Sources.

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