Panel - Workforce Issues: Higher Education's Role (Presented at Networking 2000)


American workers have to be information technology-savvy in today's competitive job market. Businesses are in desperate need of information technology expertise, and are willing to recruit foreign workers and ship lucrative contracts abroad if necessary. While voting to increase the number of foreign work visas to help make up for the shortage of IT workers, Congress has mandated that businesses devote resources to educating America's workforce. This Webcast features a panel discussion regarding the role community and four-year colleges and universities can play in correcting this shortage, potential partnerships with the business community and how their efforts may tie into the recommendations of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee and related federal programs. Panelists include: William Aspray, Executive Director, Computing Research Association; Joseph N. Douglas, Jr., CIO, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; and Stephanie Heier, Education Market Analyst, Cisco Systems, Inc.

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