Technology Everywhere: A Campus Agenda for Educating and Managing Workers in the Digital Age


Technology Everywhere addresses the dual role played by colleges and universities that must recruit, hire, and train knowledge worker professionals and educate IT learners to manage the ever increasing flow of information both on campus and off. Each chapter in this volume addresses a critical phase of IT human resource management, identifies key issues, and offers practical advice based on actual experiences that can help colleges and universities develop a plan of action to respond effectively to the IT workforce challenge.


The Authors

Part One: The Context

Chapter 1
The Supply of IT Workers in the United States
William Aspray, Peter A. Freeman

Chapter 2
Information Technology Jobs and Skill Standards
Neil Evans

Chapter 3
IT Fluency: What Is It, and Why Do We Need It?
Herbert S. Lin

Part Two: Campus Challenges and Solutions

Chapter 4
Campus Human Resource Leadership: A Mandate for Change
Lauren A. Turner, Susan Perry

Chapter 5
Recruiting, Retaining, and Reskilling Campus IT Professionals
Allison F. Dolan

Chapter 6
Technology Across the Curriculum: Information Literacy and IT Fluency
Anne Scrivener Agee, John G. Zenelis

Chapter 7
Economic Development Partnerships to Close the Gap
Annie Hunt Burriss, William H. Wallace, Jr.

Chapter 8
Leadership Challenges for the Campus and the Profession
Brian L. Hawkins, Deanna B. Marcum


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