Strategies for Supporting Off-Campus Growth



Strategies for Supporting Off-Campus Growth is a study of the strategies for establishing and auditing distance learning programs by campus-based colleges and universities. Based on qualitative interviews, the study covers four critical elements: mission, financial goals, market reach and brand, and institutional competencies for success. Extensive case studies illustrate successful strategies and competencies.

Table of Contents
Entire Study Strategies for Supporting Off-Campus Growth
Ch. 1 Executive Summary
Ch. 2 An Introduction to Web-Based Distance Learning
Ch. 3 Driving Web-Based Distance-Learning Success
Ch. 4 From Strategy Development to Program Execution
Ch. 5 Conclusion
Bibliography Articles, Monographs, and Reports for Further Information
Appendix A Participating Individuals and Organizations
Appendix B Selected Web-Based Distance-Learning Implementation Activities
Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings

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