'Spam King' Ordered to Disable Spyware


A federal judge has issued a restraining order against notorious spammer Stanford Wallace, forcing him to disable spyware programs that secretly track users' actions and flood their computers with pop-up ads. Wallace, who in the 1990s headed one of the most prolific spamming companies, is the target of the first action taken by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against spyware purveyors. The FTC also alleges that Wallace sold consumers bogus tools that supposedly detect and remove spyware. Wallace's attorney said his client wants to use the Internet in "lawful and proper ways" and "looks forward to an opportunity to establish exactly what advertising practices are allowable." Laura Sullivan, attorney for the FTC, described the judge's order as "relief for consumers" while the case is being resolved. A hearing in the case has been scheduled for November 9.

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