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In 2021, EDUCAUSE partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to manage and advance CourseGateway. CourseGateway provided resources for higher education professionals to discover, evaluate, select, and implement high quality courseware, encouraging educators to deliver more equitable learning outcomes for Black, Latino/Latina and Indigenous students and students from low-income backgrounds. The initiative’s goals focused on closing equity gaps in course completion rates for underserved students and making the learning experiences for focused populations more accessible, engaging, interactive, personalized, and cost effective. Many organizations, higher education professionals and students engaged in the development and implementation of CourseGateway.

Assessment and Evaluation

The original CourseGateway evaluation rubric was developed by the Association of Public & Land Grant Universities, Equityworks NW, Tyton Partners, the inaugural Product Advisory Board Members, and Paritii. The rubric was developed for the explicit purpose of evaluating digital learning products featured on the site. The most recent iteration included an equity-aligned focus that prioritized accessibility and technical solutions (features, functionalities, capabilities) to enable equitable outcomes for Black, Latina/Latino, and Indigenous (BLI) students, and students from low-income backgrounds. Product evaluations were conducted by a diverse group of higher education professionals from CourseGateway’s Governance Board, Product Advisory Board and Product Reviewers).


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