Learning science research and practical experience highlight the importance of interaction and engagement to successful learning. Active and collaborative learning environments are particularly effective for Net Generation learners. Games, simulations, group projects, and undergraduate research are among a number of models for interaction and engagement being explored.

  • How an App Helps Low-Income Students by Turning College Life Into a Game , Chronicle of Higher Education, August 24, 2015. Ball State University is in its second year of offering a mobile application called “Ball State Achievements ”.  The app essentially gamifies their college experience; they earn points for engaging in specific aspects of campus life, which can then be cashed in to purchase items in the university’s bookstore or on-campus Starbucks.

  • Engaging Students with a Mobile App, EDUCAUSE Review, March 2015. A mobile app that facilitates social engagement while letting administrators measure levels of use and track emotional trends and potential problems among the student body serves both communities.

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