ELI Innovations & Implementations - ITAP: Information Technology Associates Program


Launched in 2001, DePauw University's Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) is a selective, four-year honors program that allows students to develop advanced skills in a wide range of information technologies. ITAP's objective is to prepare students—regardless of major or career aspiration—for the team-based work environments that await them after graduation, where interpersonal skills are at least as important as technical fluency. For four years, these ITAP interns are immersed in real-life working environments both on and off campus. Because students participate in ITAP for their full college careers, the university is able to draw on a reliable pool of talented, well-trained, and affordable workers. Four years after it began, ITAP has grown from 60 to 160 students, and the first cohort has graduated. As a measure of the initiative's success, all ITAP alumni were either accepted into the graduate school of their choice or hired by their preferred employer within six months of graduation.
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