Good Enough! IT Investment and Business Process Performance in Higher Education



This ECAR research study takes a complex look at the performance of so-called business processes in higher education, with a special focus on how IT investments have influenced that performance. It explores the question of what higher education has gained from its sizeable investment in improving business processes. This study also looks at the role that leadership and culture play in the performance of institutional processes. CIOs and others from more than 300 U.S. and Canadian institutions provided quantitative data, while individuals from some two dozen institutions participated in interviews. In addition, ECAR visited exemplary institutions to provide a detailed look into the mechanics of particularly interesting efforts to improve the performance of campus processes.

Table of Contents
Entire Study Good Enough! IT Investment and Business Process Performance in Higher Education [PDF 3,040 KB]
  Foreword [PDF 83 KB]
Ch. 1 Executive Summary [PDF 115 KB]
Ch. 2 Introduction [PDF 281 KB]
Ch. 3 Project Design, Research Team, and Methodology [PDF 354 KB]
Ch. 4 The State of Business Process Performance [PDF 1,216 KB]
Ch. 5 Cross Business Area Performance [PDF 195 KB]
Ch. 6 Technology and Business Process Performance [PDF 246 KB]
Ch. 7 Explaining Business Process Performance [PDF 505 KB]
Ch. 8 Examining the Future of Business Process Performance [PDF 142 KB]
Appendix A Institutional Respondents to the Online Survey [PDF 51 KB]
Appendix B Interviewees in Qualitative Research [PDF 49 KB]
Appendix C Glossary [PDF 64 KB]
Appendix D References [PDF 59 KB]
Case Studies
Optimizing Business Processes at Brooklyn College and the City University of New York [PDF 499 KB]
Iowa State University's Business and Finance Division's Project Evaluation and Implementation Methodology [PDF 494 KB]
Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings [PDF 688 KB]
Roadmap [PDF 128 KB]
Survey Instrument [PDF 349 KB]

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