ELI Discovery Tool: Applying Technology to Teaching and Learning


Individuals and institutions within higher education face a complicated array of technology options, with new technologies emerging all the time. How can you determine which technologies have value for teaching and learning? How do you then identify and use them effectively to advance learning? And how can you get the senior administrative support you need to be successful?

Applying Technology to Teaching and Learning is a set of guides to help you select and integrate technology into teaching and learning. Whether you are a faculty member, academic administrator, instructional technologist, or part of a planning committee you may find them useful to:

  • Focus on the key learning issues that should drive technology selection
  • Better understand your technology options
  • Implement the technology that best supports your teaching and learning objectives

These guides will help you clearly explain what you want to do, why it will make a difference to learning, and how it can be done successfully. So, when you need to present your project for approval, you will be ready with the answers.

While the order in which the guides are presented implies a sequential process, this sequence is not fixed or even applicable to some situations. The unique issues you and your institution face will determine the order in which you use the guides, or whether you use some of them at all.

We suggest that you start by scanning the set to decide how they can best support your technology selection process. You may ultimately wish to revise the guides to more effectively achieve your goals. We invite you to share your customized versions with ELI; that will help us update the guides and maximize their value for the ELI community at large.

Applying Technology to Teaching and Learning Guides