EDUCAUSE Core Data Service: Fiscal Year 2006 Summary Report


2006 Summary Report Cover

EDUCAUSE Core Data Service Fiscal Year 2006 Summary Report summarizes much of the data collected through the 2006 EDUCAUSE core data survey about campus information technology (IT) environments at 933 colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. The report presents aggregates of data through more than 100 tables and accompanying descriptive text in five areas relevant to planning and managing IT in higher education: IT Organization, Staffing, and Planning; IT Financing and Management; Faculty and Student Computing; Networking and Security; and Information Systems. Appendices include a brief historical context, a list of participating campuses, the 2006 survey instrument, a glossary of terms from the survey, and Carnegie classification definitions.

Table of Contents
Entire Publication Fiscal Year 2006 Summary Report [PDF 1,301 KB ]
  Acknowledgments [PDF 24 KB ]
  Understanding the Core Data Service [PDF 65 KB ]
Ch. 1 IT Organization, Staffing and Planning [PDF 87 KB ]
Ch. 2 IT Financing and Management [PDF 93 KB ]
Ch. 3 Faculty and Student Computing [PDF 63 KB ]
Ch. 4 Networking, Advanced Technologies, and IT Security [PDF 78 KB ]
Ch. 5 Information Systems [PDF 78 KB ]
A Historical Context [PDF 27 KB ]
B Core Data Service Participating Institutions [PDF 44 KB ]
C 2006 Core Data Survey Questionnaire [PDF 698 KB ]
D Glossary of Terms from the 2006 Core Data Survey [PDF 41 KB ]
E Carnegie Classification Definitions [PDF 33 KB ]
  Index [PDF 28 KB ]

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