Designing and Assessing Formal and Informal Learning Spaces


The San José State University Academic Success Center opened in October 2006 with a goal to increase student success by providing 21st-century technology, informal and formal learning spaces, and the services and support. The objective was to build an integrative center that provides students with an innovative space and technology tools for collaboration and promotes faculty pedagogical innovation through the use of our Incubator Classroom, winner of the 2007 Campus Technology Innovators Award. By combining physical space, technology tools, and an intensive professional development program, the ASC exemplifies a new synergistic model for the campus. Now SJSU has turned its focus to creating an assessment program to help guide the next phase of the project. Join us to discuss the challenges and opportunities in assessing learning spaces and making a connection to student outcomes. We will outline the SJSU assessment program and discuss and share the instruments we have used.

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