Encouraging Faculty Adoption and Innovation in Teaching and Learning with IT


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New technologies rise and fall on an almost daily basis in the marketplace, making it increasingly difficult to keep faculty on the cutting edge of the tools that make a difference in the classroom. Even more difficult can be maintaining the critical balance between early adopters on campus and those who may need an extra nudge to consider new tools.

How do we encourage faculty to try new technologies in the classroom? How do we shift the conversation from merely discussing emerging tools to identifying and assessing those tools that will have the greatest impact on learning?

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Marilyn Puchalski and Jim Sell, Bucks County Community College

"Re-Boot Camps for faculty and Technology Days"

puchalsk@bucks.edu and sellj@bucks.edu


Gail Niklason, Weber University

"Master Online Teaching Certification"



Graham Glynn, SUNY Stony Brook

"Innovations in Education" TV show



Stephen Parsons, Nova Scotia Community College

"Virtual Watercooler sessions in Elluminate"



Clare Van Den Blink, Cornell University

“Innovation in Teaching Program”



Allan Schmidt, Iowa State University

"Extreme Course Makeover"


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