Developing 21st-Century Literacies Among Students and Faculty


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We are living in an Information Age that brings exciting developments in the acquisition and sharing of knowledge and has transformed the job market into one that requires computer skills for the vast majority of jobs. Colleges need to make sure that students (and faculty) acquire the information technology skills they need to succeed in their college careers and beyond.

How do we address these literacies on our own campuses? How can we, as a community, define them and better integrate them into the academic experience?

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Clare Van Den Blink and Steve Pond, Cornell University
"The Undergraduate Information Competency Initiative",
Jen Riley, UMass-Dartmouth
"Student Learning with Reusable Learning Objects"


Roxann Riskin, Fairfield University

"Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, and University Work Study, "


Susan Simon, Dartmouth College

"The Student Center for Research, Writing, and IT"


Christine Drew and Kris Wobbe, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

"First Year Great Problems Seminar",


Jason Casden, North Carolina State University

"The Course Views Project"


Corey Johnson and Steve Borrelli, Washington State University

" Information Literacy Education Project",


Erin Long, Pennylvania State University

"A Composition Program for 21st Century Literacy"

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