EDUCAUSE Core Data Service Fiscal Year 2009 Summary Report


2009 Summary Report Cover

Pam Arroway, Eric Davenport, and Guangning Xu
Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Dan Updegrove
Consultant on IT in Higher Education, Austin, TX

This report summarizes results from the 2009 EDUCAUSE Core Data Service survey data. More than 900 institutions participated this year. Key findings, important trends, and similarities and differences across different types of institutions are highlighted.

Entire Publication
EDUCAUSE Core Data Service Fiscal Year 2009 Summary Report [PDF 2,200 KB ]
Table of Contents
  Understanding the Core Data Service [PDF 214 KB ]
Section 1 IT Organization, Staffing and Planning [PDF 366 KB ]
Section 2 IT Financing and Management [PDF 486 KB ]
Section 3 Faculty and Student Computing [PDF 449 KB ]
Section 4 Networking and Security [PDF 505 KB ]
Section 5 Information Systems [PDF 487 KB ]
Appendix A Historical Context [PDF 148 KB ]
Appendix B Participating Institutions [PDF 335 KB ]
Appendix C Core Data Survey Questionnaire and Glossary [PDF 271 KB ]
Appendix D Carnegie Classification Definitions [PDF 235 KB ]
Appendix E Crosswalk from Questionnaire to Tables and Figures [PDF 126 KB ]
  Index [PDF 134 KB ]
  Addendum - 2009 Data Tables for All Sections [PDF 178 KB ]

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