Delivering the Dual Mission of University IT


Presentation at the 2011 ECAR Symposium, July 28, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois. University IT departments have evolved organically, but the time has come to purposefully organize to support the dual mission of being innovative and executing core operations. Innovations must be nimble and focused on flexibility. Operations should be relentlessly focused on cost-effective delivery of commoditized services at a reasonable risk and service level. Whether schools look to peers or the market, the traditional model is unsustainable. University IT leaders must lead the change from the top to define the operating model of the future.

How to Cite This Work: Oakes, Ryan. "Delivering the Dual Mission of University IT." Presentation at the 2011 EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research Symposium, Chicago, IL, July 28, 2011, available from


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