Connecting Student Data from ECAR and CDS


This CDS Spotlight focuses on integrating selected data from the 2010 CDS survey results with selected results of the ECAR National Study of Students and Information Technology in Higher Education, 2011. By comparing the ECAR student study and CDS data, one can reconcile undergraduate student and IT professionals’ perspectives about student technology use and needs, and also supplement the body of knowledge that neither data source can provide on its own.

The ECAR CDS Spotlight Research Bulletin Series highlights findings from the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS), focusing on a small but meaningful slice of data collected in the CDS. These selected highlights are intended to provide context and meaning for CDS benchmarks that may be of especially broad interest, be especially timely, or draw connections between research from ECAR and CDS. The series is featured along with other CDS publications on the CDS website,, and is now available to eligible ECAR subscribers as part of their ECAR subscription.

Citation for this Work: Dahlstrom, Eden. “Connecting Student Data from ECAR and CDS.” (Research Bulletin). Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, September 29, 2011, available from

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