Five Guidelines for Instituting IT Value Measurement


Factors including budget cutbacks, rigorous regulatory requirements, rising demands for IT services, and IT’s contribution to transformative change fuel the need for IT leaders to communicate IT’s value to senior administration, legislators, and others. The concept of IT value measurement is a problematic one in higher education, however, requiring structure, discipline, and frameworks in a culture that tends to favor discussion, consensus, and anecdotal decision making. ECAR tapped the wisdom of those who have researched or addressed the issue of IT value measurement, and this bulletin outlines five recommendations to help advise IT leaders and others when implementing their own IT value measurement initiatives.

Citation for this Work: Pirani, Judith A. “Five Guidelines for Instituting IT Value Measurement” (Research Bulletin). Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, November 13, 2012, available from

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