Role-Differentiated Responses to Active Learning Classrooms: The University of Minnesota


Technology-enhanced learning spaces called Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) have become an important component of the teaching and learning paradigm at the University of Minnesota. Since August 2007, the research and evaluation team in the University of Minnesota’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has collaborated with the Office of Classroom Management and other units in the university system in ongoing research to assess the extent to which ALCs shape teaching and learning practices, student and instructor perceptions of the educational process, and student learning outcomes. In 2010, a new Science Teaching and Student Services building opened, and in 2011, a study was undertaken to investigate the impact of the STSS building and its ALCs on the teaching and learning environment at the university.

The Seeking Evidence of Impact (SEI) program is intended to bring the teaching and learning community into a discussion about ways of gathering evidence of the impact of our innovations and current practices. The goal of the SEI case studies is to provide examples of successful projects evaluating the impact of innovation, technology, and best practices in teaching and learning.

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