Leaping the Chasm: Moving from Buzzwords to Implementation of Learning Analytics


Learning analytics are being touted as the “next big thing” in education. Vendors, researchers, foundations, and granting agencies present a vision of analytics that will increase learner success, reduce costs, provide targeted help, improve organizational efficiency, and personalize the learning experience. Are these proclamations realistic? Does evidence exist to support these claims? Is there something new in learning analytics, or is it merely a sexier phrase for educational concepts that have been tried but found lacking? This session will explore the roots of learning analytics as well as the context in which they are now being considered in higher education. Examples will be provided of learning analytics implementations and leading-edge research, and current trends will be extrapolated to present a vision of what a data-intensive university might look like in the future.

* This presentation is part of the Spotlight on Analytics series. View the first webinar archive.

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