Blended Learning Implementation Guide


Digital Learning Now! (DLN) released "The Blended Learning Implementation Guide," the fifth DLN Smart Series paper, for leaders who are ready seize the opportunity and shift to blended learning.

The guide walks school and district leaders through a series of implementation issues around strategy, models, platforms, devices, and more. The authors all agree that the shift to blended learning should be driven by the desire to personalize and extend learning opportunities, rather than "tech for tech's sake" or potential cost savings. If blended learning implementation is seen as "just another district initiative," it's destined for failure.

The guide is organized according to four sections:

  1. Create Conditions for Success
  2. Plan
  3. Implement; and
  4. Improve.

Following this format, leaders can walk through the guide for full implementation advice on topics ranging from initially building support all the way through measuring impact and cultivating future innovation.

Written by John Bailey, Scott Ellis, Carri Schneider, Tom Vander Ark

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