Building a Culture of Innovation in Higher Education: Design & Practice for Leaders


This report and toolkit is meant for universities, colleges, community colleges, not-for-profits ,and organizations that serve the higher education landscape who want to reimagine their vision of higher education. Rethinking something, tinkering with it, breaking it apart and starting over, all requires an innovator’s mindset. But how can higher education institutions cultivate that? And who is already doing work in this area to make it happen? That’s what this report works to uncover and share.

This resource includes a new tool for higher education leaders to assess your organization's progress in building a culture of innovation and explore examples and resources from inside the higher education field and beyond.

2Revolutions (2Rev) is a national education design lab that specializes in designing, launching and supporting Future of Learning models, and helping to catalyze the conditions within which they can thrive. Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), an initiative of EDUCAUSE, accelerates educational innovation through applied technology to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in the United States. 


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