Getting Smart on Regional Next-Gen School Design


Published by Getting Smart in partnership with Next Generation Learning Challenges
Authored by Sarah Luchs & Tom Vander Ark, with support from NGLC staff and Getting Smart

This publication highlights each of the six regions participating in the Regional Funds for Breakthrough Schools, an initiative of Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC). It shows the unique ways they are approaching the work, including best practices and lessons learned in order to incubate and support next-gen learning. Breakthrough schools are designed accelerate student outcomes and achievement through personalized, blended and/or competency-based learning. The regions are bringing an iterative approach to design, research and development of new models for schools, sharing and promoting emerging practices within and across regions. The best practices and lessons learned from the work thus far showcased in this blog series and publication pave the way for further investigation into thriving next-gen regional ecosystems. 

NGLC, an initiative of EDUCAUSE, accelerates educational innovation through applied technology to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in the United States. To learn more about NGLC and the grantees it supports, visit

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