Makerspaces, Virtual Reality, The Internet of Things et alia Stories


This session was presented at the CNI Fall 2016 Project Briefings.

 The maker movement has existed for some years now and almost every makerspace implementation brings its own unique twist to that movement. It is now growing into a larger movement that includes Virtual Reality, The Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, big data, digital scholarship centers, and biology, along with those topics typically associated with makerspaces (digital fabrication, programming, craft, and electronics). These spaces enable the users to express themselves creatively (curriculum-based or not) and to be innovative. Instead of sharing traditional technical details, we are sharing four different stories on how the new makerspaces (or what we may call “Concept or Think Spaces”) are making a difference in academic and community settings, and how colleges, universities, and non-profits see the maker culture and makerspaces playing a key role in shaping the new campus strategic directions. Particularly, equity, diversity and inclusivity will be key components in the narratives.
Panel moderated by Karim Boughida.

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