EDUCAUSE Policy Videos: Proposed Safeguards Rule Changes


The Federal Trade Commission proposed major changes to its Safeguards Rule in 2019. Derived from the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Safeguards Rule sets basic requirements for information security to protect the privacy of “customer information.” Higher education institutions are covered by the rule, primarily due to their student financial aid activities.

The EDUCAUSE Policy Team produced a pair of brief videos to help EDUCAUSE members understand the rule and how it might change as well as to explain the pending revisions to campus colleagues. PowerPoint slide decks are provided for each video as references for the videos and for members to use in their own presentations on the subject.

  • In “Safeguards Rule, Part 1: Changes,” Jarret Cummings, senior advisor for policy and government relations at EDUCAUSE, and Katie Branson, senior associate at Ulman Public Policy, discuss what the Safeguards Rule is and how the FTC may dramatically expand the requirements that institutions will have to meet under it.
  • With “Safeguards Rule, Part 2: Concerns,” Cummings and Branson review the problems that EDUCAUSE and the higher education association community writ large see in the FTC’s proposed changes and their recommendations to the FTC on appropriately resolving those issues.
  • Both videos are approximately three minutes long and have companion slide decks of four slides each; the concluding slide of each deck provides links to more detailed resources on this important topic.

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