This resource page was created to help higher education institutions manage the implications of campus disruption caused by COVID-19 and ease the pivot to remote education and work. Institutions are now focused on the upcoming 2021–22 academic year and these continuously updated resources can help with essential planning.

For more information on COVID-19 from health officials:

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Student Experiences with Technology in the Pandemic

Student Experiences with Technology in the Pandemic 

EDUCAUSE conducted a special Fall 2020 study to gain insights on the student experience during what has been an exceptional time of disruption.

Campuses Respond

Most if not all schools moved their courses online in the spring of 2020. The 20/21 school year has seen outbreaks of the virus in their communities and schools have had to pivot between online to in person back to online classes throughout the year.  The Chronicle of Higher Education has been compiling a list of Colleges’ Requiring Students to be Vaccinated for Fall of 2021. The New York Times has created an interactive map Tracking Covid at U.S. Colleges and Universities of those that have reopened. 

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Corporate Resources for COVID-19

Many higher education corporate providers are responding to the needs of college campuses as they deal with the Covid-19. EDUCAUSE has curated a selection of service provider resources including:

  • Free, discounted, or expanded services to higher education institutions transitioning to remote work and online learning during this time.
  • Best practices, tips, and other content offerings unrelated to corporate service offerings.

Alternative Educational Delivery Methods

Many learning institutions have developed instructional continuity plans to move the classroom online and to advance the online learning experience. See our Online Learning topic for examples and a list of internet providers and their access assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak

Higher Education Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness Information

The higher education community continues to monitor the impact of the virus on their institutions, and many schools have already updated their continuity planning to reflect the current situation. See our Business Continuity Planning topic page for more information. Many schools are looking into how to use Contact Tracing this Fall on campus while maintaining privacy protections for faculty, staff and students.

COVID-19 Policy Issues

Working Remotely

Many campuses are adapting to a new world of remote work and teaching due to prolonged/indefinite campus or building closures. See our Working Remotely topic for examples of institutions offering resources to work or teach a class from off campus during COVID-19. 

SANS Security Awareness Resources for Working from Home Deployment Kit: Everything you need to know to create a secure work-from-home workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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