Digital transformation (Dx) describes a cultural, workforce, and technological shift, enabled by advances in technology that include analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud, mobile, social networks, storage capabilities, and more. Combined with external drivers such as increased expectations from students for a seamless experience, decreased funding for higher ed, and a growing need to advocate for its benefits, these forces make it possible to think differently about higher education, with the potential for new business models, better student outcomes, and different, more innovative, approaches for teaching learning, and research.

Recent Spotlight

  • Digital Transformation 2.0: The Age of AI

    Digital Transformation 2.0: The Age of AI

    With the rapid developments in artificial intelligence, higher education is entering a second phase of digital transformation: Dx 2.0. Technology and other campus leaders can take steps now to help prepare their institutions.
  • A Dx Roadmap for Leading the New Hybrid IT Workforce

    A Dx Roadmap for Leading the New Hybrid IT Workforce

    The temporary shift to a remote IT workforce has evolved into permanent hybrid teams for many colleges and universities. Leaders can become more effective in this new normal by leveraging the EDUCAUSE Digital Transformation (Dx) framework as a roadmap to transform their leadership approach and make the most of this new way of working.

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