Application of Emerging Technology to Demonstrate Effective Distance Learning Through a Telecommunicated International Business Simulation


Integration of information technology beyond specific courses in the academic discipline is a requirement and responsibility of faculty across disciplines. Knowledge is collected, catalogued, and generated over electronic linkages in multi-academic disciplines and topic interest areas. Mainframe computers and personal computers linked via global communications networks provide a global database for those with knowledge of how to access the systems. As libraries are open to all, everyone should have the knowledge made available to them to access this extensive source. Computer users are evolving toward a two-class computer society. Those mastering the basics of telecommunicated technology and the related emerging access tools will be the information "have's." Fear, frustration, and failure to "make time" to adapt traditional curriculum will create and perpetuate the "have-nots."The opportunity exists to move beyond traditional teaching and learning paradigms into exciting and interactive learning exchanges through the use of telecommunicated exchanges. The resistance to pedagogical changes through the utilization of technology is partially due to lack of tested models available to faculty. This paper will provide a "field tested" model with supportive quantitative data to serve as a template to assist faculties across disciplines to enhance instructional delivery through telecommunicated technology.

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