E-Learning at IU: 0-53,000 Users in 6 Semesters


Indiana University launched Oncourse, an enterprise-wide elearning solution in 1999. With the growth of over 50,000 users in 6 semesters, Oncourse is fast becoming a ubiquitous teaching and learning solution for the University. The foundation of that success is based on a combination of IT systems integration and outstanding user support. The integration of back office administrative and academic computing systems and an enterprise-wide authentication provides easy access for all users. Additionally, proactive and systematic faculty engagement processes and outstanding distributed support models for both pedagogical and technical needs have contributed to the tremendous success of the initiative. This presentation will focus on how the inclusion of the wide variety of users is being addressed through pedagogical and technical support models, the important role of project administration on the systematic growth of users and future enhancements of the application including IMS-compliant tools.

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