Web Portals and Higher Education: Technologies to Make IT Personal


This book addresses how portals, in concert with customer relationship management and other emerging technology tools, can be used to customize and personalize the resources and services offered on campus. Written by some of higher education's top leaders, this book focuses on the technology issues related to portals as well as their implications for the culture, business, organization, and policy environment of the institution.

Table of Contents

Brian L. Hawkins and Jay Morley

Forum Participants
Chapter 1
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a … Portal?
Richard N. Katz
Chapter 2
Customer-Centered Resources
Ed Lightfoot and Weldon Ihrig
Chapter 3
Customer Relationship Management: A Vision for Higher Education
Gary B. Grant and Greg Anderson
Chapter 4
>All About Web Portals: A Home Page Doth Not a Portal Make
Howard Strauss
Chapter 5
>E-Business in Higher Education
Robert B. Kvavik
Chapter 6
The Business Challenges
Diana Oblinger and Larry Goldstein
Chapter 7
Portal Technology Opportunities, Obstacles, and Options: A View from Boston College
Bernard W. Gleason
Chapter 8
Portal Technology Opportunities, Obstacles, and Options: A View from the California State University
Steven L. Daigle and Patricia M. Cuocco
Chapter 9
The Organizational Challenge: IT and Revolution in Higher Education
John R. Curry
Chapter 10
The Policy Challenges
Richard N. Katz and Rhonda I. Gross

Chapter 11
Summing Up
Richard N. Katz and Larry Goldstein



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