E-Research and Supporting Cyberinfrastructure: A Forum to Consider the Implications for Research Libraries & Research Institutions


These are presentations from the October CNI/ARL forum, E-Research and Supporting Cyberinfrastructure one-day forum. The forum focused particularly on library and information technology strategies and organizations. For example, the scientific community is calling for federated strategies for disciplinary data curation. What is the connection between such strategies and institutional repositories? What will be the most critical services that scientists and scholars need and expect as they undertake their e-research?

Speakers Include;

*Dan Atkins, Chair of the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel that recommended major NSF investments in cyberinfrastructure to support e-science, made a keynote presentation. Dr. Atkins reviewed the cyberinfrastructure movement and its strategic implications for the research institution community.
*George Djorgovski, Professor of Astronomy at Caltech, illustrated the potential of cyberinfrastructure by describing the work underway via the National Virtual Observatory.
*Paul Courant, Provost at the University of Michigan, reviewed an investigation of cyberinfrastructure needs in the humanities and social sciences being conducted by a commission of the American Council of Learned Societies, of which he is a member. Dr. Courant also spoke to some of the institution-wide implications of building and sustaining cyberinfrastructure.
*Sang Kim, Director of the Division of Shared Cyberinfrastructure, National Science Foundation, provided an update of the Division's program.

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