New Learning Ecosystems


The theme of this meeting is learning ecosystems, where learning is characterized as an open system that is at once dynamic and interdependent, diverse and partially self-organizing, yet adaptive and fragile. A learning ecosystem is characterized then by the dynamic web of relationships, interactions, and roles that the organisms (the players within the systems) have, and the conditions that are created by, among other things, emerging technologies. In a series of mini-lectures alternated with facilitated small group discussions, speakers from other related sessions will grapple with these questions: 1) What are the new "user-sensitive technologies" that are emerging, and how might they change how we interact with each other and the technology itself? 2) What are some new ways of understanding and talking about interactivity? 3) How might peer-to-peer technologies enter into this question? 4) What are the likely impacts of mobile technologies on learning ecosystems? 5) In what ways might next-generation learners differ in how they think, learn, and interact due to deeper enmeshment "in a non-biological matrix of machines, tools, props, codes, and semi-intelligent daily objects" - including games - than previous generations? and 6)What are the co-evolutionary influences likely to be?

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