Planning for Ecological Diversity in New Learning Environments: Interoperability Between Libraries and Course Management Systems


The wide acceptance of course management systems by our faculties offers technology innovators new opportunities for integrating a variety of information services into the CMS environment. Library services in particular, which complement traditional classroom learning activities, are being recognized as ripe for integration. In an effort to advance such integration opportunities, two working groups within the CIC (the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago) have been engaged in dialogue and planning for a regional conference on CMS/library services integration. The Learning Technologies Group (representing CIC IT organizations) and the Digital Library Initiative Overview Committee (representing the CIC libraries) have been working together to plan and execute the conference scheduled for mid-February 2004, with the objective of clarifying working vocabularies and ideas for services among the two communities of practice. This session will present the planning ideas that have informed the upcoming conference, seeking further input from the larger NLII community to further collaboration between library and IT organizations in new designs for library-CMS integration.

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