Videos of Participants in Virginia Tech's Graduate Education Development Institute


GEDI engages future faculty in teaching, learning, and technology issues as an integral part of their graduate student professional development. The video shows clips of GEDI participants. GEDI invites future faculty, at the beginning of their teaching careers, to begin thinking about how they can best communicate with Net Generation students. In doing so, GEDI staff hope to facilitate the development of a reflective teaching practice that better enables 21st century faculty to recognize the importance of continuous learning—their own as well as their students'.

1) Jane Lehr, graduate student in Science Technology Studies, discusses teaching with technology, particularly within the framework of critical pedagogy.

2) Terrell Strayhorn, graduate student in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, comments on his changing awareness of classroom dynamics, and the ways in which he approaches the integration of teaching and technology after taking the GEDI course.

3) Chris Cassino, graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, talks about the benefit of multidisciplinary setting of GEDI as well as the pedagogical approaches he learned about in GEDI, especially case-based studies and PBL as applied to engineering.

4) Denise Adkins, graduate student in Psychology, focuses on the significance of the seminar setting of the GEDI course.

5) Will Butler, graduate student in Environmental Design and Planning, discusses the benefits of guest speakers in the GEDI course talking about specific examples of teaching with technologies.

6) Lee Bryant, graduate student in Civil Engineering, focuses on the different pedagogical perspectives she was exposed to in the GEDI course, and how the GEDI environment encouraged her to identify her teaching self.

7) Trevor Byrd, graduate student in Psychology, comments on the confidence he gained as a teacher through GEDI, and how he now has skills to help him critically evaluate his use of technology in his teaching.

8) Brent Jesiek, graduate student in Science Technology Studies, talks about connecting theory with practice, teaching online courses and diversity issues, and the importance of critically evaluating the use of technology in various teaching sites.