Using the Audit Checklist for the Certification of a Trusted Digital Repository as a Framework for Evaluating Repository Software Applications: A Progress Report


Digital library initiatives have encouraged the development and implementation of repository software applications such as DSpace, Eprints, and Greenstone. These applications are being commonly deployed within the context of institutional or digital repositories. As the boundaries of, and landscapes around, institutional or digital repositories become more clearly defined and expressed, there is a greater need to have useful methods for evaluating repository software applications and the role they play in the broader context of repository services. Regarding digital preservation specifically, the 2005 RLG/NARA Audit Checklist for the Certification of a Trusted Digital Repository, Draft for Public Comment (Audit Checklist) is a current document under consideration for determining an institution's ability to be a Trusted Digital Repository. The NDIIPP-sponsored ECHO DEPository project is proposing a framework of evaluation for repository software applications based on the Audit Checklist in conjunction with a common software evaluation scoring methodology. This paper provides an overview of our work to date in this area.

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