ELI Discovery Tool: Learning Space Workshop Guide


We know that space can affect learning—but how? The answer to that question depends not only on our understanding of how people learn, but also our understanding of learners. And, as information technology becomes more and more integral to teaching and learning, we also need to understand its implications for learning spaces.

The ELI Discovery Tool: Learning Space Workshop Guide can help you and others at your institution answer that question. It is designed as an action-oriented, modifiable, modular resource for faculty development and other staff learning events.

The units can be used as a stand-alone activity, lasting perhaps two hours, or all units can be combined for a multiday faculty development event. Through the guide’s activities, participants will:

  • develop awareness of the important role of learning spaces in the learning process
  • become familiar with the importance characteristics of learning spaces
  • explore what their students think about the places learning occurs
  • understand the learner-centered principles that underlie effective learning space design
  • review and discuss examples of effective learning spaces
  • examine their assumptions about the effects of place on learning
  • learn about assessing learning spaces
  • develop a set of guiding principles and beliefs that underlie their institution’s learning space design efforts

Learning Space Workshop Guide Units