The future of higher education: How technology will shape learning


This paper examines the role of technology in shaping the future of higher education. The major findings are as follows:

  • Technology has had -- and will continue to have -- a significant impact on higher education.
  • Online learning is gaining a firm foothold in universities around the world.
  • Corporate-academic partnerships will form an increasing part of the university experience, at a time when locating funding and controlling costs are key concerns, and when only one-quarter of university chief information officers (CIOs) have a place at the table when it comes to setting strategy.
  • University respondents view technology as having a largely positive impact on their campuses, but acknowledge that operational challenges may hinder the full benefits from being realised (for example, tenure, promotions and other organisational practices may need adjustment to encourage faculty members to adopt new technologies).
  • Higher education is responding to globalisation.

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