Is Technology the Answer to Rising College Costs?


College costs are skyrocketing even as low- and middle-income families struggle to make ends meet. Federal and state financial aid hasn't kept up, forcing more students to borrow more money than ever before. Many colleges claim that rising costs are unavoidable, because—unlike other industries—higher education is inherently labor-intensive and cannot become more efficient. But a growing number of institutions, mostly public universities operating below the elite institution radar screen, are proving otherwise. They're using technology to transform undergraduate education, dramatically cutting labor costs while improving student learning results at the same time.

Is this the future of higher education? What does this mean for the professoriate and the role of colleges in the creation of new knowledge? And why aren't more of these cost savings being passed on to students? Join Education Sector December 2, 2008, to hear the answers to these and other important questions about undergraduate education's new direction. A panel of experts will also discuss the new Washington Monthly article, "Transformation 101," written by Education Sector Research and Policy Manager Kevin Carey.

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