Citizen Journalists at ELI 2008


Citizen journalism refers to a wide range of activities in which everyday people contribute to information or commentary about news events. The practice epitomizes the belief that the experiences of people personally involved with an issue present a different -- and often more complete -- picture of events than can be derived from the perspective of an outsider.

At the ELI Annual Meeting in San Antonio, ELI put this innovation into practice, arming a team of five "citizen journalists" with video cameras to capture important themes that emerged during the event. The team -- Gardner Campbell, Cyprien Lomas, Patricia McGee, Deborah Keyek-Franssen, and Liv Gjestvang -- shot footage from the event as well as participant interviews. This final video summary, created with the help of Instructional Technology graduate students from the University of Texas-San Antonio, was presented on the final day of the meeting.

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