Process and Politics: IT Governance in Higher Education



This 2008 ECAR research study examines the extent of participation in IT governance by campus leaders and constituents; the use of IT governance mechanisms such as IT steering committees, project review, and performance measurement; and practices associated with good IT governance outcomes. The report is based on a literature review, consultation with practicing CIOs experienced in IT governance, and a web-based survey that was distributed to institutional representatives (mostly senior IT leaders) at 1,648 EDUCAUSE member institutions in June and July 2007. We received 438 responses (a 26.6 percent response rate to the survey). In addition, we received 216 responses from 59 institutions to a quantitative web-based survey for participants in IT governance who work outside of central IT. In addition to reporting the findings from these quantitative tools, this study includes feedback from interviews with 28 senior IT leaders from a mix of institutions. The interviews were designed to gain deeper insights into findings from the quantitative analysis and to capture additional ideas and viewpoints.

Table of Contents
Entire Study Process and Politics: IT Governance in Higher Education
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Chapter 2 Introduction and Methodology
Chapter 3 IT Governance Maturity and Context
Chapter 4 Inputs and Decision Making
Chapter 5 IT Governance in Action: Committees and Processes
Chapter 6 IT Governance Performance and Effectiveness
Chapter 7 CIOs and Executives
Chapter 8 The Future of IT Governance
Appendix A Institutional Respondents to the Online CIO Survey
Appendix B Institutional Respondents to the Online Executive Survey
Appendix C Interviewees in Qualitative Research
Appendix D Statistical Details
Appendix E Bibliography
Case Studies
Reforming IT Governance at Berkeley: Introducing an Enterprise Perspective to a Decentralized Organization
Queensland University of Technology: Three Generations of IT Governance (and Counting)
Online Supporting Materials
Key Findings
Survey Instrument—CIOs
Survey Instrument—Executives

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