Competency-Based Career Ladders for IT Professionals


This ECAR research bulletin examines how CIOs can adopt competency-based human resource practices in their information technology organizations to enhance the versatility of IT professionals. The bulletin is based on practices adopted at Pepperdine University. In 2007 Pepperdine embarked on a project to deliver a competency-based set of career ladders for all IT professionals across the institution and reorganized its IT practices to emphasize versatility. The results have been extraordinary: the organization has gained more credibility with faculty, students, and staff, and escalating salary costs have been brought under control.

Citation for this work: Chester, Timothy M., with Ross Canning and JoAnn McNayr. “Competency-Based Career Ladders for IT Professionals” (Research Bulletin, Issue 13). Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, 2009, available from

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