Strategic Directives for Learning Management System Planning


This ECAR research bulletin reviews theoretical and practical publications that explore individual components of learning management system (LMS) behavior and isolates the primary claims, functions, and implementations of LMS technology. Most generally, these capabilities can be divided among three broad categories: transmission, which aids in distributing and accessing course material; evaluation, which aids in identifying different learning patterns for students and educators; and interaction, which establishes unique learning environments for the applied practice of specific exercises. By assessing the utility of an LMS to accomplishing these three tasks, this bulletin presents nine directives that can assist in strategic planning for future LMS applications and beyond.

Citation for this Work: White, Brandon, and Johann Ari Larusson. "Strategic Directives for LMS Planning" (Research Bulletin 19, 2010). Boulder, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, 2010, available from

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