How Do We Know It Works? Evaluating Learning Technology Projects


How can a diverse set of academic technology projects be evaluated with limited institutional resources? This key challenge led the way for the development of a practical project evaluation method that is based on effective evaluation and research practices. This seminar will describe the development of a research-based yet practical approach to evaluating instructional technology projects to inform the value of emerging technologies to teaching and learning. Participants will engage in an evaluation planning process that will lead to developing a plan that is relevant to their institutional projects. To prepare for the session, participants are encouraged to bring examples of projects and goals that they are interested in evaluating.

As a result of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Create an evaluation plan for an academic technology project that is tied to their project assumptions and strategies.
  • Select project goals that can be evaluated.
  • Identify relevant indicators and data-collection methods to evaluate project goals.
  • Describe a range of strategies when conducting a literature review to inform evaluation planning.
  • Develop an evaluation data-analysis strategy and reporting format for their projects.

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