The Blended Learning Toolkit: A DIY Resource for Blended Learning Instructors and Designers


Join Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative director, and Veronica Diaz, ELI associate director, as they moderate this webinar with the University of Central Florida’s Kelvin Thompson, assistant director for the Center for Distributed Learning ( and a graduate faculty scholar within the College of Education, and Linda S. Futch, associate department head of instructional design.

Want to get started in blended learning but don’t know where to begin? UCF has created the Blended Learning Toolkit (BLT), an open educational web-based resource. In addition to BLT’s broad overviews of blended learning models, processes, research findings, and evaluation models useful for institutional administrators, of particular interest to blended learning faculty and instructional designers are numerous detailed do-it-yourself (DIY) resources in the BlendKit Course designed to support them in developing their first blended learning course.

In this seminar, the presenters will provide a brief overview of the Blended Learning Toolkit before guiding participants on a tour and discussion of each set of faculty resources. A brief summary of lessons learned in conducting an open, online course based on the BlendKit Course materials will also be shared. Participant questions and ideas are encouraged throughout the seminar.

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