Student Mobile Computing Practices, 2012: Lessons Learned from Qatar


Mobile computing is transforming information technology and the student learning environment in higher education, yet educational institutions everywhere are just scratching the surface of the capabilities of mobile computing. This report is based on 369 student survey responses and 26 focus-group participants from the mobile-device-heavy student population in Education City, Qatar. Findings indicate that students are avid mobile device users and are open to expanding the ways in which they use them for academics; students find mobile technology convenient and engaging; and institutions need to invest in more and better mobile support. Students are also eager to move forward with integrated mobile computing in their coursework and their campus life. The results of this study not only tell the story about technology adoption and perceptions for students in Qatar but also are broadly applicable to institutions around the globe with burgeoning mobile proliferation.

Citation for this Work: Dahlstrom, Eden and Khalid Warraich. Student Mobile Computing Practices, 2012: Lessons Learned from Qatar (Research Report). Louisville, CO: EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, May 2012, available from

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