Blended Learning in Practice: Case Studies from Leading Schools featuring Summit Public Schools



Summit Public Schools is one of five charter management organizations (CMOs) that utilize blended learning that were profiled in case studies prepared by FSG for the Michael & Susan Dell FoundationThe case studies seek to address the following questions about each operator’s experience implementing blended learning:
  • Why did each school decide to “go blended” and what were the key steps of this journey?
  • What does blended learning look like in a classroom? What is the blended learning experience like for students and teachers? 
  • What operational and financial supports enable blended learning at each school? 
  • What are the strengths of each school’s model and where have schools seen common challenges? 
  • What lessons can be drawn from the early experiences of these blended learning schools?

The case study provides information about Summit Public School's journey to blended learning, instructional model, operational model, financial model, and lessons learned. The schools profiled in the case study are Rainier and Tahoma--together referred to as Summit San Jose.

In 2012, Summit Public Schools was awarded a grant from Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), an initiative led by EDUCAUSE, in its third wave of funding for breakthrough secondary school models to launch another school, Summit Denali in Santa Clara, CA in fall 2013. 

Written by Brad Bernatek, Jeffrey Cohen, John Hanlon, and Matthew Wilka

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